Bear Sense

Bear Sense quality line of attractants. Call those bruins in with thick scented smoke! We carry the complete line of Bear Senseā„¢ Smoking Sticks, all flavors are extremely effective anytime during the bear hunting season.


Make sure to get what works in your hunting area. The appropriate scent depends on several factors, abundance of berries, the lack of food or protein sources around. Nothing is 100% guaranteed and if bears are not around or in the wind direction that smoke is blowing, nothing will bring them in. However if you have scouted and see bear tracks, smoke that bruin in!


  • Not considered bait
  • MUST USE A BUCKET to avoid human scent contamination.
  • Keep them tightly sealed
  • Do not take sticks or package to your hunting stand or blind make sure to leave everything by the bucket.
  • Do not open sticks inside building
  • DO NOT leave empty wrappers in the woods
  • Scents available are DONUT, Wildberry and 12 Miles of Dead Fish
  • Smoking Sticks come in 6 or 12 Packs, 12 sticks with bucket in our Bear Combo Pack