Deer Sense

Deer Sense™ Smoking Sticks the patented scent that smokes and really works!


Deer Sense™ Smoking Sticks look similar to the punks that you’ve probably used to light firecrackers at some time in the past, but they are so much more. Deer Sense™ Smoking Sticks are specially made for slow burning and packed with multiple deer attractants. As the smoke spreads out and flows downwind, the special formula leaves an oily residue on the ground, branches and foliage that it touches. This creates a strong and long lasting scent pattern. Deer are naturally curious about the sight of smoke. As they approach, they will focus on the smoke and not you!


For the RUT ONLY winning combinations are:


  • Sexual Plus Attractants and Sexual Attractants
  • w/Curiosity and cover scents)


RUT Combo Packs


  • The best kept secret is Deer Sense Smoking Sticks…
  • Light them up and you’ll have them burning with desire. The Scent is in the SMOKE!
  • Available in Combo Packs and 12 Sticks
  • Some packs do not include Bucket



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