ScentQuest Odor Eliminator / Disinfectant

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ScentQuest, the first odor eliminator that is a TRUE broad spectrum disinfectant. ScentQuest has EPA validation that shows it destroys Swine Flu (H1N1), E Coli, HIV, MRSA to name a few. The uses for ScentQuest are endless!

  • Spray ScentQuest behind you as you are walking toward your blind or stand.
  • Use on your hunting clothes to eliminate your odor and and food or fuel odors.
  • Spray on your harvest before you dress it to keep flies away.
  • Carry it in your vehicle to use in restrooms, motels, etc.
  • Use on your boat after cleaning fish and in your dry well.

ScentQuest. Another tried and PROVEN product from DeerQuest!


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